Possible Today Foundation is a non-profit organisation working on a new economy that is fair and sustainable. With people. For people. We believe that a better world is possible. Not tomorrow but today.

The world is changing. Possible Today offers communities ways to become more resilient and to face the transition together. We remove barriers for everyone who wants to contribute to a greener and more social world. Local, community-based, close to people. So everyone can participate.

The Possible Today Foundation develops new ways of consuming, working and living together. The pillars of our mission are:


Stimulate fair and sustainable consumption and promote circular economy


Enable more people to do sustainable and meaningful work

Living together

Increase social cohesion and resilience in local communities in balance with nature


We develop value-driven, hands-on, community based solutions. We do this in close collaboration with local communities, stakeholders and organisations.

Key to the solutions we offer: (1) social co-design, (2) social tech and (3) shared ownership.

Act local, think global

We are part of an international network of tech pioneers and grassroots initiatives. By sharing knowledge people on all continents can benefit.